What is the Best Flooring for a Dining Room?

The dining room is a great place for families to eat and spend quality together without distractions like television. If your family does this daily, it becomes quite a high traffic area, with scraping chairs and inevitable food and other spills. Thus, it’s important to choose a dining room floor that fits your needs, your style, and your family habits. So, which is the best floor for a dining room?

Laminate Floor in the Dining Room

There are plenty of benefits of laminate flooring; it’s durable, easy to clean and can be any style and colour to suit your décor. However, in a dining room, some factors will need to be kept in mind. Laminate flooring doesn’t like liquid being left on it; it will bend and warp if a puddle is not cleaned up soon after the spill. Spills will happen often at meal times, especially if there kids around, so it’s important to stay vigilant.

Laminate doesn’t scratch easily, but weight on a chair and consistent scraping will definitely cause some damage. The best solution for this is to put felt pads underneath each leg of your chairs. It will cushion the impact on your laminate, ensuring it lasts longer.  

Should You Put Carpet in a Dining Room?

Carpet can be very elegant and add to a room’s cosiness, however, in a dining room it could be impractical. If you have small children, it could be tedious cleaning up stains and spills. Carpet may also lift with the wrong chairs, so that will be another factor to keep in mind.

Vinyl Flooring in the Dining Room

Probably the most affordable option, vinyl floors are brilliant for dining areas! They are low maintenance, stain resistant and come in a wide range of styles. They are impervious to water penetration, meaning that spilling won’t be a big issue later on. Vinyl is also soft underfoot, making it a comfy option for family rooms.

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