Save Water with Artificial Grass

With the current water crisis in South Africa, many are looking for water-wise alternatives to their current, thirsty lawns and gardens – artificial grass is the perfect solution.

Why Convert to A Water-Wise Garden?

Severe droughts and water restrictions in many parts of the country, together with the increased cost of water, means that many green gardens have turned to dirt and left homeowners asking “what now”.

The answer is creating water-wise gardens. Synthetic grass, drought resistant plants, more paving, stone, bark and pots all contribute to using less water in your garden while keeping your garden looking lovely all year round.

Why Choose an Artificial Lawn?

You might be used to seeing artificial grass on sports fields but it is a great drought-resistant option for your home lawn as well. Maintaining beautiful lush green lawns has become a headache for most homeowners as they require a lot of water (which isn’t always available) and effort.

The benefits of artificial grass are:

  • Your grass stays green all year round (high quality grass won’t fade in the harsh South African sun)
  • No water is required
  • The grass can be placed anywhere, even in shady or muddy spots where grass wouldn’t usually grow
  • No mowing required
  • Artificial grass is hypoallergenic
  • It is easy to clean

How To Make The Switch To Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass should ideally be installed by professionals in order for it to look neat, drain correctly, and last longer. There are a variety of grass types, colours and lengths available so it is best to get experienced advice on what will work best for your home.

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