Protect Your Floor This Festive Season

The festive season is a great time to spend with friends and family. But more people in the house means more of a chance of spills and messes, as well as additional foot traffic. Since you don’t want to have to start your year off having to get professional cleaners, or replace damaged floors, there are a few things you can do to protect your flooring.

Get Protective Covering for Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

Your laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring will thank you if you add on a protective layer in the form of a carpet or a floor covering. These work well specifically for high traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. Rugs and runners will also catch most of the spills.

You can also add felt protectors under all of your furniture to avoid scratches and scrapes from people standing and sitting, children wiggling and shoving, and more.

What Can I Use to Protect my Carpet?

Getting the right protection for your carpet will save your carpet from stubborn stains, and from lifting. There are a few rules you can implement in your home for making sure your carpets still look great after the festive season.

  • Keep a ready mixed solution handy; if spills do happen, you can absorb them quickly and then use the right solution to clean it up right away before it settles
  • Ask people to take their shoes off; tracking dirt and mud into the house over and over will take a huge toll on your carpets. If you ask people to walk barefoot or in their socks, it will save your carpets some stress
  • Vacuum and clean your carpets regularly to avoid dirt build-up. Maintenance is a lot cheaper than calling in professional carpet cleaners when the build-up become too much to handle on your own

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