The Life Expectancy of Laminate Flooring

You may love everything you have heard about the pros of laminate floors, everything from the aesthetic to its low maintenance nature but only one thing is still on your mind; how long does laminate flooring last? The answer is simple, when taken care of properly there is no reason laminate flooring shouldn’t last upwards of 25 years.

Professionally Installed Flooring Will give you a Good 20 Years

If you opt to have your new flooring solution installed by professional laminate flooring installers you should be able to go at least two decades before replacing them. This is a long time and enough to justify installing new floors as part of revamping your home or office.

The Maintenance of your Laminate Flooring is Key

Even though minimal maintenance is required there are a few golden rules which, when followed, will ensure you get upwards of twenty years of aesthetic style and functionality from your laminate flooring installation.

How to Ensure your Laminate Flooring Lasts


Moisture is enemy number one when it comes to laminate wood flooring. This is the one thing that will cause your floors to deteriorate more than anything else they will come into contact with. All you need to do is ensure that water is never left to pool on the woods surface long enough to soak in. If the moisture does soak in to the laminate floors, it will cause the floor to bend and warp.

The Right Tools

All you will need to maintain the aesthetic value of the meticulous work done by your laminate flooring installers is a vacuum cleaner and a microfiber or dry dust mop. Vacuuming will remove any particles that could potentially scratch your floors when it comes time for dry mopping.

The Correct Products

Steer clear of harsh detergents, soaps and polishes, they will only damage the laminate floor’s finish. A damp cloth is enough to get out almost any spill, be sure to use minimal water and some elbow grease.

Preventative Measures

If you know that the traffic from a doorway lets in scratches and scuffs you can prevent this by laying down a matt or rug. Prevention is always more effective than a cure so be sure to actively maintain your laminate wood flooring.

If you are looking for laminate wood flooring in Pretoria contact Floorin for beautiful floors put in by professional and highly-experienced wooden flooring installers. This is just one more way to ensure your laminate floors last as long as possible.

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