Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring Installation: Which is Best for You?

Wooden flooring installers are often presented with the question: laminate or vinyl? The answer will differ for everyone because the benefits of both laminate and vinyl flooring installation are suitable to multiple situations. It just depends on which flooring solution’s features appeal to you and your needs the most.

Understanding the Advantages of Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl and laminate flooring installations have advantages for a home or office space. They are both more affordable than other materials like tiles or hardwood floors. Comparatively, they are more or less the same price, so if you have decided on a budget for your flooring there is a good chance that you will be choosing between laminate and vinyl flooring.

Moisture Resistance

Vinyl flooring is made of plastic layers pressed together so it is better as a flooring solution in kitchens, bathrooms and sculleries. Laminate flooring is 99% wood, so it will not hold up to things like puddles as a result of overflow or leaks from a dishwasher or washing machine.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to laminate and vinyl flooring installation they are neck and neck when it comes to their ease of installation. The professional wooden flooring installers at Floorin have mastered both and whichever you end up choosing will be installed quickly, easily and without kinks.


The laminate flooring of the past was only available in gaudy colours and was somewhat of an eyesore people put up with to reap the benefits of the material. Today, laminate flooring is available in a range of colours and natural finishes, even mimicking the appearance of stone or wood grain. So whatever you end up choosing you can have the aesthetic of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost.


Laminate flooring is layers of wood so the panels are warmer on bare feet and softer to walk on than vinyl, which is installed directly onto the subfloor. Vinyl is, however, more sound absorbent than laminate flooring installations.


Even though vinyl is more moisture resistant than laminate flooring both will last for a long time if maintained and cared for. Laminate can last for up to 30 years and vinyl has been known to live happily to the ripe age of 50.

Whichever you choose, be sure to enlist the help of professional wooden flooring installers when you have decided to ensure the proper installation of your floors. Contact Floorin Installers for quality products and installation services to transform your home or workspace for years to come.

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