How Winter Affects Your Floors

In the next few months, we can start expecting the winter chill to come creeping in and cooling our homes and offices. For some people, this is awesome news – winter means soft blankets, hot chocolate, and comfort food; for others it means cold toes, chattering teeth, and waiting impatiently for the summery weather to return.

Believe it or not, winter has the same effect on different floors! The colder temperatures will change characteristics of most floors. No need to be alarmed, though – they will return to normal when the weather warms up again. Here are a few things you may want to know:

Does Temperature Affect Laminate Flooring?

Especially just after installation, laminate flooring needs to acclimatise to its new home. Even though it is not made of natural wood, it still expands and contracts in hotter and colder weather (but not as much as wood does).

On already-installed laminate, you won’t need to concern yourself with expanding and contracting laminate – at most, it may make different, additional noises when it’s walked on, but for the most part, the season changes won’t impact your floors badly.

Why Are My Floors Suddenly Creaking?

Most floors will expand in the summer, and contract in the winter. Floors that are susceptible to temperature fluctuations include laminate (as mentioned), vinyl, engineered wood, and of course, hard wood. These changes are normal and may cause floors to creak or squeak. Only after years of wear and tear will the weather notably affect your flooring – by this time, you will probably know to start looking into installing new floors.

Carpets Need Cleaning More Regularly

Your carpets may get dirty more quickly in the winter months. This is because, especially in South Africa, our winters tend to be less humid and rainy. A lack of moisture in the air will allow dust to thrive, and windy days will spread that dust like wild oats onto your carpet.

A gross (but true) fact, is that ours and our pets skin tends to get drier in winter, and will flake off more. These dead cells have to find their way somewhere, and your carpet is first choice. Your pets will also have more hair to shed in winter.

This means that you’ll need to spend a little more time vacuuming and possibly washing your carpets to ensure a nice clean, cosy home or office space. 

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