How to Make Your Blinds Last Longer

How to Clean Blinds

You get many types of blinds that are made from different materials, and each of them will need to be cleaned and maintained differently. Using the wrong cleaning products can shorten their lifespan drastically, so it’s important to know how to clean your blinds. Here are a few basic tips to make sure your blinds stay in tip-top shape:

  • Aluminium blinds: These are by far the easiest to clean; they simply need a damp clean cloth to wipe them down occasionally. They can also have a dry duster swept over them while they’re sitting horizontally to remove excess dust particles. For more intensive cleaning, they can be easily removed from their wall frame and soaked in water with basic all-purpose cleaner and then hung in the sun to dry.
  • Faux wood blinds: These are also reasonably easy to clean. They need a dry cloth to dust them occasionally and, if necessary, a gentle detergent-soaked cloth to softly wipe dirt away. It’s important to make sure that they’re properly dried after cleaning with liquid to avoid sticking.
  • Authentic wooden blinds: These are a little tougher to clean. They can be dusted routinely to keep them looking neat, but it’s imperative that the duster is dry! To further clean them, you can use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Never use water or other chemicals as this will cause the wood to swell and sometimes to crack.

Which Blinds Work Best in Which Rooms?

  • Aluminium blinds: Being the most resilient, these are great for all environments. They hold their own in a damp environment (above the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom), and they can take a little roughhousing (in a guest bathroom, in a child’s room, etc).
  • Faux wood blinds: These are also rather resilient and can be placed anywhere in the home.  
  • Authentic wooden blinds: As mentioned, they aren’t a fan of water or humidity, so best to keep them away from damper places. They are so classy and they really bring a room together (like a living room, study or dining area). 

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