How to Maintain and Clean Wood Laminate Flooring

Cleaning wood laminate flooring is different to that of tiles and carpets. Don’t fret, FLOORIN is here to guide you in keeping your flooring solutions looking (and sounding) great. In this article we will share some easy to follow instructions and the do’s and don’ts of cleaning laminate flooring. 

The Tools You Will Need 

All you’ll need to keep your laminate floors looking sharp is a vacuum, microfiber mop or a dry dust mop. For the best results you should use the vacuum and mops, cleaning in the direction the floor has been laid. Certain attachments could scratch the laminate so be sure to choose one that has soft bristles.  

The same results of a vacuum can be achieved by sweeping with a dry microfiber mop. Once the dust is all gone you can move on to washing. 

Moisture Should be Kept to a Minimum 

Now that the floor is free of dust you are ready to clean. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t ever let water pool on the surface of your wood laminate flooring. This can cause it to bend and warp, putting all the laminate flooring installer’s work to waste.  

For the best results you simply need to dampen the microfiber mop or even lightly spray the flooring with product as you mop. You can even invest in reusable microfiber cloths that can be put in the washing machine and used again. Residue left from harsh soaps and cleaning products is why wood laminate flooring begins to look dull. Simply stick to small amounts of water and that will do the trick. 

Protect Your Wood Laminate Flooring 

There may be weaker areas you should choose to protect from wear and tear to keep the entire floor looking sharp for as long as possible. Preventative measures include keeping a cloth in the room so spills don’t have time to penetrate the flaws. You may consider asking your family members to abide by a no-shoe policy and place rugs at the doors to keep scuffs to a minimum. Don’t forget to use furniture protectors under couches, chairs and tables to make sure they don’t leave marks. 

Now you have all the tools necessary to enjoy your wood laminate flooring for years to come. Just be sure you don’t start on a back-foot by skimping on quality installation. FLOORIN’s comprehensive team can install your floors so that they stay put on solid foundations. These experienced laminate flooring installers will make sure your floor is properly installed so you and your family can enjoy it well into the future. 

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