How to Get Rid of the New Carpet Smell

Getting a new carpet can be exciting, whether you’re renovating, or making a change from hard floors. There are many benefits of having a carpet, but when it’s been freshly installed, it may leave a distinct, lingering scent. Luckily, the smell won’t be there for too long, especially if you take certain actions to ensure it goes away quicker.

Air Out Your New Carpet

Every room in your home or office should always have proper ventilation anyway to avoid mould growing, but especially with the addition of a new carpet, you should ensure that the room has a steady flow of air through it. This means keeping windows and doors open to let in fresh air. It may help to bring in a fan or to switch on an aircon’s fan to circulate the air. You should keep the room ventilated for about 72 hours after installation to ensure all smells are gone.

Cleaning a New Carpet

Using chemicals on your newly installed carpet is neither necessary, nor recommended. Your new carpet smells like that because of chemicals in the carpet and in the glue that is used to keep it down. Adding more chemicals can prevent the glue from sticking, and it can exacerbate the smell. By cleaning your new carpet, we mean giving it a vacuum to remove debris. Vacuuming will also help reduce the smell.

Bring in the Plants

For rooms that need to be used immediately after a new carpet has been installed, it’s a good idea to add in some plants that will help to clean the air. Plants add a natural element to a room and generate clean air, whilst forcing odours out. Some of the best plants for this job include aloe vera, rubber plants, and peace lilies.

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