How do Professionals Prepare a Floor for Laminate?

DIY laminate is a popular choice for homeowners who want to do some affordable home renovations that can be implemented quickly, while still making a huge difference. Unless you need to remove carpets (which may take a bit more time), laminate floor prep is quick and easy when left to professional flooring installers.

So, you’ve chosen your preferred colour and texture of your flooring, there are some things you can do to prepare your existing floors for installation before the pros get there. Proper preparation is imperative to ensure that your new floor lasts as long as it should.

Professional Steps for Preparing Your Floor

They Check for Moisture

To avoid your laminate floor warping and lifting, you need to start by ensuring that your base flooring is perfectly dry. Your flooring expert will have the right equipment to accurately test your sub-floor for moisture before they lay your new laminate.

They Ensure the Floor is Level

A floor that isn’t level will not be fixed with another layer of flooring over it. The laminate will lift and be loose over the parts where there are inconsistencies on the floor. Professionals will use a level to determine whether the floor needs levelling before installation.  

They Keep Skirting and Door Jams in Mind

Pros need to do accurate measurements to ensure that your laminate will fit between the skirting. They do this by measuring the floor from one side to another; not measuring from wall to wall. They also need to ensure that doors will be able to open and close over the floor. This is partly the reason why pros don’t encourage DIY laminate installation – this is the most difficult part of installation, and a lot can go wrong.  

What You Can Do to Prepare

Sweep and thoroughly vacuum your sub-floor to ensure that there are no particles that may cause unevenness or annoying sounds when your laminate is walked over. If you decide to wash the sub-floor, ensure it is properly dry long before installation is meant to happen.

For laminate flooring installation, it’s important to call in quality laminate flooring installers to ensure the great result you want. Contact us for advice and obligation free quotes.

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