How to Disinfect Your Floors

Cleaning your home can be quite the challenge, especially when it’s not something you’re used to doing on your own. Keeping your home clean and disinfected during the COVID-19 lockdown can almost be a full-time job, but if you do a little every day, it won’t become overwhelming.

This includes cleaning your floors. Mop up small stains as they happen, sweep once every two days or more if necessary, and vacuum to get rid of dust and excess dirt.

Different floors require different cleaning techniques. Here are our top tips:

Reaching for Bleach?

STOP! Bleach, even on white carpets and surfaces, can cause damage if it’s not diluted correctly. It may also damage wooden floors, remove the shine from your laminate floors and soak into carpets to leave a sharp, lasting odour.  

Vacuuming Floors

You can use a vacuum cleaner on any floor as long as you are using the right attachment. The part with bristles that looks like a broom is great for wood, laminate and tiles. It helps to get dirt out of hard-to-reach places and run over the smooth surface easily without scratching it.

It’s recommended to vacuum your carpets at least once a week – sweeping might work (depending on the carpet), but your best bet to properly take away the dust is to suck it up with a vacuum cleaner.

DIY Disinfectant for Floors

While we want to encourage you to stay away from harsh chemical and scrubbers to disinfect your floors, we can suggest a non-toxic solution that you can make at home (while staying safe). With one cup of warm water, mix a tablespoon of vinegar, and half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

Put your mixture into a spray bottle and spray your floors with a light spray. Mop the excess off, and you have a disinfected, clean surface. On carpets, spray the mixture over the top and let the room air out by opening windows and doors. The vinegar smell will fade away quickly, and your home will be germ-free! 

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