Floorin Partners Up with Canobrella

We are excited to announce that our range of blinds has grown! We’re taking our blinds outdoors with our recent partnership with Canobrella.

Canobrella provides the highest quality UV-resistant canvas outdoor blinds, specially designed to withstand the elements. The outdoor roller blinds operate with a pulley rope that can either lift the blinds neatly into a roll, or gently release them down when you need them. Alternatively, roller-blinds can be fitted with a gearbox and crank-handle for larger areas.

The zip on the edges of the outdoor canvas blinds ensures an airtight finish, keeping the breeze and cold air out. All the attachments to the building are finished off by upholstery cover strips to enhance the aesthetic appearance. Large transparent PVC windows are also integrated to provide additional light, and allow people to see out.

Are Outdoor Blinds Waterproof?

Canobrella outdoor blinds have been designed to keep the rainy weather out, so your guests, items and family will be kept dry when these blinds are rolled down. However, being open at the bottom, they won’t keep pools of water from coming in, so you’ll still have to ensure that you have proper drainage around the perimeter of the area.

Do Outdoor Blinds Have Good Insulation?

Being airtight, these blinds are great for keeping heat in during winter. Add an outdoor heater into the mix, and the sheltered area will be cosy and perfect to spend time in.

In the summer, having the blinds down may cause the temperature to rise, but if you have an air conditioner, the blinds will keep the cool air in. Otherwise, you can enjoy the fresh air and neatly tuck your blinds away.

We at Floorin specialise in flooring and blind installation and can offer solutions that will suit all of your home or business needs. Contact us for more information and an obligation-free quote!

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