Engineered Wood Floor vs Solid Wood Floor

Engineered hardwood flooring is solid wood that has a plywood core, constructed with multiple layers of treated, solid wood. It has been designed to look as rich and luxurious as hardwood flooring does, except that it is much less finicky, and a lot more durable.

Advantages of Engineered Wood

It doesn’t expand and contract like solid wood does

Engineered wood is moisture-resistant, and will not succumb to fluctuating temperatures, making it a wonderful option for kitchens and bathrooms. Solid wood expands and contracts under certain conditions and becomes more susceptible to damage and, subsequently, will need to be replaced faster.

Increased Durability

Engineered wood floors are made up of multiple protective layers, and they are treated. This means that they are able to withstand heavier foot traffic without falling victim to scratches and dents. Solid wood is a lot more fragile and needs to be either coated specifically with protective layering, or preserved with rugs and carpets.  

Easy to Install

Installing engineered flooring is a quick and easy task, especially for professional flooring installers. Solid wood, however, may be a lot more complicated, and much more preparation will be necessary before installation.

Unlimited Options

Something that engineered flooring and wooden flooring have in common is that they can come in a range of species and grades, meaning that you can choose the look that you want; whether it’s a lighter oak-feel, or more of a deep mahogany colour, the sky is the limit when it comes to your space!

Light on Your Pocket

Engineered wooden floor is a lot more cost-effective than its solid wood counterpart.

In summary, engineered wood offers the same gorgeous wooden element which instantly adds value to a room, whilst offering a host of other benefits too! For engineered wooden flooring installation, Floorin has you covered. Contact our experts for an obligation-free quote.


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