Custom Made Blinds vs. Readymade Blinds

Custom made blinds refers to blinds that are cut to the specifications of a particular window and readymade blinds, or cut down blinds, refers to those you would buy or order from the store, pre-cut. This article will compare the two kinds of blinds on the market in terms of function, aesthetics, installation and value for money.


For blinds to function well and safely blinds needs to have certain features that ensure they open and close the same way every time.

Custom Made Blinds

These are less likely to have an overhang or additional cord making them easier to use and allowing them to function optimally.

Readymade Blinds

Blinds that have not been fit to the window will be less likely to function well. If the ready cut blinds are not a perfect fit for your window they will not open and close optimally.


The “look” that your blinds add to your space can make or break the aesthetic you are after when it comes to the décor of the room. As well as functionality you want your blinds to look great.

Custom Made Blinds

When investing in custom made blinds you can choose the material and aesthetic knowing they will look as beautiful in your home as they would in any magazine because they will be fit to the specifications of your windows.

Readymade Blinds

Blinds that do not fit a window will make them look clunky and messy which is enough to throw the décor off in the entire space.


Custom Made Blinds

Installation services are often included and even when they are not you should take advantage of the professional blinds installation services to ensure they function properly and look fantastic.

Readymade Blinds

Readymade blinds are made to be installed in a DIY sense but they are often difficult because there is no guarantee that they will fit your window.

Value for Money

This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right decorative blinds for your home, office or commercial space.

Custom Made Blinds

Custom blinds in South Africa like those from FLOORIN are the best value for money because South African windows are not all the same.

Readymade Blinds

Readymade blinds are not truly “readymade” because there will be more to do before they will function the way they should, or you will need to complete the blinds installation yourself.

Custom blinds, as well as their installation from FLOORIN, is one way to guarantee you are getting the best of all the features mentioned above with your blinds installation. Contact us for a quote to get your home, office or commercial space looking better than ever with our custom made blinds and blinds installations.


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