Choosing the Best Colour for Your Wood Laminate Flooring

Choosing wood laminate flooring as a great flooring solution for your home is a step in the right direction, as is finding the right laminate flooring installers. However, what many people often do not put enough thought into is exactly what colour to choose for your new floors. There are so many options available to those choosing wood laminate flooring, and here are some tips for picking the perfect colours.

What are the key architectural features?

Are you installing floors in the bathroom? The kitchen? What about the lounge or dining room? Each room has its own unique features which need to be kept in mind when selecting the perfect colour for your new wood laminate flooring.

Your dining room, for instance, might be dominated by an ornate table that has been in your family for generations. That is the key feature of the room. If it is made of a dark wood, you naturally want a complimenting colour for your floor to accentuate this feature – but nothing so dark as to overdo it. Most bathrooms, on the other hand, often have a very light and tiled look, so lighter colours will generally be best there – and they should show messes better, for those who want to be sure that they have perfectly clean bathrooms.

Colour consistency or variation?

Another important colour decision is whether you want your wood laminate flooring to have better colour consistency or variation. An oil finish will leave your floor with a more natural wood look, which often has a lot of variation in the colour. For those who want a more consistent floor colour you will need to consider using a stain finish, wish ‘stains’ the entire floor/plank to the same colour so that it all matches up perfectly.

What material do you want?

Obviously you want a wood laminate floor, which is why you are reading this. What we mean is what sort of material would you like your laminate floor to look like. This is an import aspect of colour selection, because certain materials only look right in certain colours. Pink tiles, for instance, would look very different to the norm but it wouldn’t be out of place. Pink wood or stone floors, on the other hand, would make very little sense and you would be faced with endless questions about why you chose to do something so ‘weird’. So making sure you have the correct colour to match your material choice is important for the applicability of your wood laminate flooring. 

Ask a quality laminate flooring installer to help you with these colour decisions! At Floorin we know what works, and we will be able to help you decide on the perfect look to fit your lifestyle and your home.

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