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Refresh Your Home Décor with Wood Laminate Flooring

Renovating your home is an exciting, refreshing experience - you get to bring in all sorts of new colours and finishes that suit your tastes. But what do you do when you realise your old décor doesn’t quite fit the new walls and floors? That is why our expert wood laminate flooring installers at FLOORIN are here to help you make the perfect choice for you. 

How to Maintain and Clean Wood Laminate Flooring

Cleaning wood laminate flooring is different to that of tiles and carpets. Don’t fret, FLOORIN is here to guide you in keeping your flooring solutions looking (and sounding) great. In this article we will share some easy to follow instructions and the do’s and don’ts of cleaning laminate flooring. 

Get Your Laminate Flooring Installed properly with FLOORIN

Laminate wood flooring is a stylish and affordable modern approach to flooring that has thrilled homeowners around the world, and it is fairly easy to install on your own as well. However, as economical and fun as DIY can be, many have unfortunately found the cost of maintenance due to little mistakes during the DIY installation to be far above that of having a professional laminate flooring installer like FLOORIN come in to do the job properly.


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