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What is the Warmest Flooring Option for Cold Winters?

To answer the burning question we will explore the best flooring option to stay warm during the winter months. Carpets, laminate and vinyl will all be investigated for the best option when living in a cold climate, or if you simply loathe the cold.


Carpets are great for those who feel the cold down to their toes. It is the most popular flooring solution for those looking to keep the winter chill outside. It is especially popular in bedrooms and living rooms that tend to be where people spend the majority of their time.

How Easy and Affordable it is to Clean Laminate and Vinyl Floors

If you would like to go green you could always start with the cleaning materials you use in your home. To cut out chemicals and toxins from your cleaning supplies you can make use of natural materials to clean your floors. This article will teach you which simple, affordable and natural materials work best to serve different cleaning purposes.

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The magic solution: start your mixture with two cups of water and two cups of white vinegar.

The Ultimate Guide to Removing Stains from Your Carpet

Nothing is worse than having fresh new carpets installed only to have them become stained. Here are some ways to fight common carpet stains.