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How Changing Your Flooring Can Transform Your Interior Décor

One way in which you can transform your home completely and achieve an entirely new interior look is by changing your flooring. Making use of laminate or vinyl flooring can breathe new life into your space. You can make use of the flooring best suited to the room’s needs, with a little help from FLOORIN.

Recognising Signs of Water Damage on Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has a whole host of benefits which FLOORIN has discussed at length in our previous blog. However, life is unpredictable and things do go wrong every so often. Here are ways to recognise if your laminate flooring has sustained water damage and what to do about it.

The Best Carpets for Cat Lovers and Some Handy Tips

The reality is that there are cat lovers who live in homes with carpets, and the two don’t necessarily go particularly well together. However, there are kinds of carpeting that lend themselves better to homes which include cats as residents and this article will give you some handy tips to have everyone living in harmony with your carpeted flooring solution.


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