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Is Laminate Flooring Pet Friendly?

Laminate flooring is certainly known as a pet friendly flooring option, although there are some simple precautions to take for you to keep your floors in tip-top condition and to keep your pets’ tails wagging. Read on to find out more as to why laminate flooring is a great choice for those of us with furry kids, as well as the little maintenance or precautions you will need to ensure you get to enjoy the maximum lifespan of your wood laminate flooring.  

DIY: Simple Solutions to Remove Scratches from Laminate Flooring

As durable as laminate flooring is, small scratches can still appear and you may want to equip yourself with some simple solutions to remove and prevent this from happening. Laminate flooring is more durable than other materials, especially when the installation is done through laminate flooring professionals.

The Life Expectancy of Laminate Flooring

You may love everything you have heard about the pros of laminate floors, everything from the aesthetic to its low maintenance nature but only one thing is still on your mind; how long does laminate flooring last? The answer is simple, when taken care of properly there is no reason laminate flooring shouldn’t last upwards of 25 years.


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