How to Pair Your Flooring with Complimentary Décor
Whether you choose vinyl flooring or laminate in a room it is all about the colour scheme you end up choosing.
How Changing Your Flooring Can Transform Your Interior Décor
One way in which you can transform your home completely and achieve an entirely new interior look is by changing your flooring.
Recognising Signs of Water Damage on Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring has a whole host of benefits which FLOORIN has discussed at
The Best Carpets for Cat Lovers and Some Handy Tips
The reality is that there are cat lovers who live in homes with carpets, and the two don’t necessarily go particularly well together.
Safety Guide for Vinyl Tiles in Bathrooms
Debating whether you want ceramic or vinyl tiles in your bathroom will become a much easier choice when you know what both options present in terms of s
How to Choose Between Dark or Lightly Coloured Flooring
This is a decorative question which people often answer quickly and without much thought based on what they think looks good.
Can You Install Underfloor Heating Systems Under Any Kind of Flooring?
In a nutshell, yes. Underfloor heating has evolved to such a nature that it is compatible with practically every kind of flooring.
Can You Use Artificial Grass Indoors?
There is nothing keeping you from making use of artificial grass indoors.
What is the Best Flooring Option for Busy Homes?
Busy homes that experience high traffic from children, pets and guests constantly moving through it require flooring that is both safe and durable.
What is the Warmest Flooring Option for Cold Winters?
To answer the burning question we will explore the best flooring option to stay warm during the winter months.


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