3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Floors
Flooring makes up the foundation of the home, being a semi-permanent fixture that only gets changed once every few years. It’s important that they are...
The Benefits of a Carpet
Makeshift carpets have made their way into our spaces for millennia – before synthetic materials, humans were using animal skins and woollen cloth to ma
Save Water with Artificial Grass
With the current water crisis in South Africa, many are looking for water-wise alternatives to their current, thirsty lawns and gardens – artificial gra
50 Shades of Laminate Flooring
Okay, not quite fifty… But laminate floors do come in many different colours and styles. In this article, we’re going to mention how different colours and...
How to Make Your Blinds Last Longer
Window blinds, just like flooring, can completely transform a room from drab to fab! Not only are they handy for saving you on curtain rails, they’re easy...
The Benefits of Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is versatile, easy to install and surprisingly low-maintenance; and these are just some of the many benefits!
4 Floor Trends to Look Forward to in 2020
  The floor trends for 2020 are just as plentiful! There are glamorous floor trends to suit any new year, new home resolutions.  
What is The Easiest Flooring to Clean?
This article will discuss the easiest kinds of floors to clean in order from the most difficult, to the least.


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