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Reasons to Renovate your Floors Before Winter
A facelift in your space can make the world of difference to the ambiance, whether it’s in an office environment, or at home.
What is the Best Way to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors?
Engineered wood is relatively water-resistant compared to hardwood flooring, making it a lot easier to clean.
Best Floor for Entertainment Area
No entertainment area in any home is the same as the next (and some homes don’t have one at all).
Best Floor for Wheelchairs
If you or a loved one has a wheelchair, it’s important to make certain changes to accommodate the wheels, especially at home.
Engineered Wood Floor vs Solid Wood Floor
Engineered hardwood flooring is solid wood that has a plywood core, constructed with multiple layers of treated, solid wood.
How Winter Affects Your Floors
In the next few months, we can start expecting the winter chill to come creeping in and cooling our homes and offices.
What Is the Best Flooring for A Bathroom?
We recently covered a story about installing blinds into the bathroom, so what
Protect Your Carpets from Cats
We recently covered an article on protecting your floors from your pets, but we foun
What is the Best Floor for a Laundry Room?
When we think of rooms in the house that we want to make pretty, we often forget about the laundry room, because it’s one we don’t often go into.
How to Get Rid of the New Carpet Smell
Getting a new carpet can be exciting, whether you’re renovating, or making a change from hard floors.


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