Blinds vs. Curtains: Which are best for you?

There is a long list of pros and cons when it comes to choosing your window treatments but ultimately it will come down to a matter of personal taste and what functionalities you prioritise.

Curtains: Pros

When it comes to curtains much of the appeal lies in the fact that you have a huge variety of colours, thicknesses and textures to choose from. They are also effective at controlling the entry of both light and sound.

Curtains: Cons

Curtains can be an expensive piece of décor to invest in and still not as durable as blinds. They are notably more expensive when comparing the price of made-to-measure curtains with made to measure blinds.

Because they are pricey you will want to maintain them well which needs to be done well so they should be washed frequently. This means taking them off the wall, allowing the necessary time to dry, ironing (more often than not a necessary step in the process) and then hanging them back up again.

Blinds: Pros

Blinds also offer many style options for you to choose from with different slat sizes and thicknesses. They offer a much sought after minimalist quality to the décor of any space at an affordable price.

Blinds are also much easier to maintain than curtains, as well as being more durable. They can be routinely dusted to keep them in a perfect condition for years to come.

When it comes to how much light is allowed to stream into the room decorative blinds provide more options. They can be slightly open for low light, completely open or completely closed giving you more control

Blinds: Cons

Decorative blinds have been critiqued for not blocking out all natural light like some heavy curtains or shutters but if you are someone who enjoys some sunshine in the house, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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