The Benefits of a Carpet

Makeshift carpets have made their way into our spaces for millennia – before synthetic materials, humans were using animal skins and woollen cloth to make rooms softer and warmer. Today, we use carpets (made from multiple materials) for a number of different reasons, and there are many benefits.

Carpets Are Practical

  • Carpets insulate the home better than hard floors do, so they save on energy by keeping warmth in a room. This means there is less of a need for energy-heavy heating measures.
  • Carpets absorb sound better than regular floors can, so there is less of an echo in a room. This is great for when you live in an enclosed area and you enjoy your music a little more than your neighbours do!
  • Installing a carpet on stairs is a great idea; carpets are softer, so they lessen the impact of the stairs on your knees and other joints. Carpets are also non-slip, so they add a safety factor that other floor types don’t.
  • Carpeting can also cost a lot less than premium hardwood flooring, so they can up your property value without putting strain on your budget.
  • Carpets (depending on the type) will act as a trap for dust and allergens for proper removal later, leaving the air in the room cleaner than with hard surfaced floors.
  • Carpets are sustainable; depending on how often you clean them, and how well you care for them, your carpets can last for decades.

Carpets Are Cosy

  • Carpets are one of the top most versatile floors; they come in an abundance of colours, patterns, materials and structures. No matter which room you decide to install a carpet, there is an option that will fit absolutely perfectly.
  • Being softer and warmer than hard floors, carpets can help to soften a room in both look and feel. They are great for babies (who need a little extra cushioning when going through their wobbly phase) and lovely for keeping pets warm and happy if they’re not allowed on the furniture.

A carpet is great for almost any space; it will depend on how and where it’s going to be used that will determine the right type for your needs. If you’re considering carpet installation in your office or home, contact an expert for advice.

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