5 laminate flooring trends to keep an eye on in 2018

Do you have a renovation project coming up, and you’d like to get in on the trends? Then you’re in luck, because FLOORIN is here to guide you through some of the most interesting laminate flooring trends this year. 

1. The reclaimed wood look 

People worldwide are diving into the trend of using reclaimed wood for everything from flooring to furniture. For those who don’t have access to genuine reclaimed wood, laminate flooring gives you an alternative that can be made to look exactly like the real deal while being even more durable. Laminate flooring is also an eco-friendly option, since recycled wood can be used to make its core. 

All you need is a professional laminate flooring installer and you’ll have all the benefits of the reclaimed wood trend on your floor, and at an affordable price.

2. Going rugged with distressed wood

Another trend in wooden décor is distressing. This involves intentionally weathering the wood to look as though it has been worn down by the passage of time and the elements. 

The benefit of having this look printed onto your laminate flooring is that you get the full benefit of the strong character offered by burns and scrapes in the wood, but without actually damaging any precious materials. Your flooring will be perfectly intact and able to last for years to come with no risk of a shortened lifespan.

3. Waterproof laminate flooring [Finally!]

You will have noticed that laminate flooring doesn’t do too well with excessive exposure to water. If water is left to seep into the wooden core it tends to cause warping and bubbling, and you’ll need to replace your floors to fix this.

But now, waterproof laminate flooring is spreading! Whereas it was originally only available in Belgium and surrounding areas, laminate flooring installers around the world have begun to increase the availability of this type of laminate flooring. It might still be difficult to get hold of in South Africa, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

4. Stone look

Do you prefer the appearance of stone, granite or marble? All of that is possible with laminate. Not everybody wants a wood floor, so the variety of stone-look laminate floors is growing by the day. So take your pick!

5. High variation laminate flooring

One of the more eccentric trends this year, high variation colours have come in making a very strong statement. Usually people tend to opt for uniform colours, or at least variations within the same colour palate.

With high variation colours you have various extremes from light to dark, and several shades in between. What makes this so popular is the fact that these colours are put together in a way that uses the transitions between neutrals and extremes to produce an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Whatever trend suits you, all you need to do is contact us at FLOORIN to have your laminate flooring installed properly, so that you can focus on enjoying your trendy tastes.

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