3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Floors

Flooring makes up the foundation of the home, being a semi-permanent fixture that only gets changed once every few years. It’s important that they are well taken care of, and that they get an upgrade when cleaning no longer keeps them from looking shabby.

Though it can seem like a daunting task, with the right expert advice, redoing floors needn’t be difficult or stressful. Think of replacing your home floors as an investment! There are multiple reasons why upgrading the floors in your home is a good idea.

1. Increase the Value of Your Home

Think about any room that you’ve been into where you were taken aback by how nicely it was put together or decorated.

Now, imagine that very same room with worn floors, full of stains and cracks. Not quite the same reaction to how lovely it is, is there? The floor isn’t something that people always pay attention to… until it doesn’t look good. It can be a real eyesore and take away from the architecture and décor.

The same will happen with your home. If you’re looking to resell it at any point, you won’t get the price you’re asking for if the floors look like something out of a horror film. In fact, with the right flooring, you might even get a little more than you were expecting, and sell your house a little faster too.

2. Less Elbow Grease

With pets, kids, visitors and shoes, carpets and floors are bound to get dirty. Older floors tend to keep in the build-up of wear and dirt over the years and become increasingly difficult to clean or polish.

Scratches on wood or laminate can only be buffed out so many times until you are making excuses why your visitors can’t look down. A spill here, a pet mess there… add five years and the carpet no longer looks the way it did when you first got it put in.

With new floors and carpets, you’ll need to spend less in the way of deep cleaning, and less energy trying to scrub out years of inevitable wear and tear.

3. Because You Deserve a Lovely Home

You come home from a long day at work and all you want to do is relax in a happy, nice home. New flooring can give your house a complete makeover! Swap that old carpet for some honey coloured vinyl that matches the furniture and feel the satisfaction as you step into the room. You deserve to enjoy your space, and new flooring can help.

Floorin will not only give you tips on the right floors for your home, but will ensure an easy transition!

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