3 Reasons Laminate Flooring is Kid-Friendly

When choosing the type of flooring to layout in your home you should take into consideration all the tenants of the household – including the little ones. You may want to consider floors that are both safe for your kids and durable enough to withstand their boisterous playtime. Going for a laminate floor installation may be your best option based on cost-effectivity and due to the following kid-friendly features.

Easy to clean

With laminate flooring, there’s no need for waxing or polishing to keep it looking nice. To keep your laminate flooring clean and looking new, you simply need a vacuum cleaner (with a hard surface-friendly attachment) or broom and a damp mop. This makes it easy to clean up after the messy activities that your kids often get involved in. To save yourself the time and energy that other flooring options often require, do yourself a favour and minimise the chores while remaining as stylish as ever with a laminate flooring option.


Another game-changing feature of laminate flooring is the durability and quality of the product that is evident once installed by laminate flooring specialists. This hard-wearing factor allows your floor to become a victim of the punishment it often goes through during playtime, while continuing to keep up with its flawless looks. With its high resistance to damage such as scratches, laminate flooring puts your mind at ease while your kids can have all the fun they want. Another beneficial quality is that laminate flooring is also fade-resistant, therefore you do not have to worry about UV exposure in any of the rooms in your house dulling your new floors.

Convenient for allergy sufferers

Laminate flooring is ideal for children who suffer from allergies due to its seamless layout during installation. The tight seal of the flooring, which can be achieved when done by laminate flooring specialists, means that dirt, dust, and animal hair will not penetrate the floors. Laminate flooring is therefore easy to keep clean and dust-free for the kids, and adults, of the household.

Not only does laminate flooring come with the above mentioned benefits, but get a laminate flooring quote today for your home to see just how cost-effective it is too. At Floorin we are the laminate flooring specialists, providing you with a high calibre product as well as expert laminate floor installation services.

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