Why choose FLOORIN installers?

For efficient service and quality outcomes set your sights on FLOORIN. We provide professional laminate - and vinyl flooring installations of high caliber. This type of flooring is ideal for new homes as well as those ever daunting renovation projects.We have partnered with the companies in the industry that we perceive to be the most reliable and consistent in supply.

The laminate -and vinyl flooring we install provides a lasting experience thanks to our highly proficient team of installers.  Laminate - and vinyl flooring can be installed as a DIY project, but the technical aspects of a quality installation cannot be overemphasized and thus the need for a professional installation team. Why DIY when you can have beautiful long lasting flooring installed for you?

Once it is professionally installed, laminate - and vinyl flooring needs very little maintenance. The flooring provides the perfect canvas for you to host many guests, family, and friends without a hitch. Let us, therefore, set the foundation for your happy home.

Our installation services

FLOORIN provides quality laminate flooring, carpet and blinds, installed to your specification, over any surface. Our professional team of installers are highly skilled and can turn wood flooring, tiles, linoleum and even concrete into a brand-spanking- new laminate masterpiece. Our specialised team does so by prepping your existing surface with a durable underlay. The installers will diagnose the kind of underlay required based on the floor you have in order to eliminate any inconsistencies in the final product. The underlay is an added perk when you choose expertly installed flooring. Not only will it look fantastic but it will provide thermal insulation, turn floor creaks and echoes to whispers and act as a damp-proof layer for a lasting experience.


Take a peek at what we have done and what we can and will do for your home, office or shop floors. We provide a full selection of natural wood grains and colours for your new laminate flooring solution.

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